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What if you could accelerate your transition into project management?

Even if you don't have prior experience

Enroll now !

And get 30+ modules packed with career guidance specifically tailored for

aspiring project managers

If you know project management is right for you, but you haven't been able to make the transition...

Most project managers didn't start out wanting to be project managers. Have you ever wondered: How did they make the jump?

You don't have formal project management experience 

You have a non-traditional background

You don't have the right project management soft skills

You lack confidence

These things may be true. But that doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams. 

There may be another, less obvious reason you're struggling to make this transition:

Office employee
 Young Woman Contemplating

The job search game is rigged

The odds are not in your favor. First, you have to work a full-time job. On top of that, maybe you have a family or other time commitments. 

Job hunting alone can feel like a full-time job! You spend hours and hours scrolling through job postings, seeing the same old, stale postings again and again. When you see one you're excited about, you're either underqualified or there are 200+ applicants.


Then you find the one. You're qualified, it's cool and exciting, and it was just posted an hour ago! Well... now you have to tailor your resume to the job description. Maybe you even pull out all of the stops and write a cover letter. 

Finally, after hours of grueling work (which you probably did when you were supposed to be doing your actual job), you've put together your best attempt at proving that you're a "self-starter who excels in fast-paced environments" (um, okay...). You take the plunge, and you hit "submit...

And nothing. No response. No interview. No indication that your hard work even reached human eyes. 

Shouldn't it be easier to land a job you're passionate about?

Who made up these rules, anyway? 

At Kayla Quijas Career Coaching, we're not just about teaching you the ropes of project management.


We're here to empower you with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in this competitive landscape.


Our proven strategies and insider tips will fast-track your journey, regardless of your background or experience level.


But we're more than just a coaching program – we're your partners in success, blending the art of project management with the science of personal development.


With our unique approach, you'll not only master the technical aspects of project management but also cultivate the leadership skills and resilience needed to excel in any endeavor.

Where You Might Be
What You Need to Move the Needle

You've submitted 100+ applications and haven't gotten a single call

You know you'd be a stellar project manager, but you don't know how to make the transition

You constantly second guess yourself and your qualifications

You have no idea how to network professionally

You feel you can't get an edge over the competition

You don't have a mentor who has been there and done that

You think you don't have any project management experience

A professionally written resume and a targeted application strategy

Customized guidance on how to break into project management

Advice on how to overcome negative thoughts

A proven method for connecting with the people who can help you land your dream job

A step-by-step approach to becoming more confident and likable

An experienced coach who has done exactly what you're trying to do

A strategic approach for reframing your experience as project management experience

My insider approach shows you exactly how to speed up your job search, break into project management, and land a job you'll love. 

I do this by...

Providing you with 30+ modules packed with knowledge and tailored specifically to project management.

Creating a customized project management transition strategy tailored to your Unique background.

Giving you a list of recruiters in your target niche and location, complete with contact information.

Helping you perfect your interview answers.

Crafting a beautiful, optimized resume, written by a certified resume writer.

Giving you a license to a top-ranking project management software, so you're prepared to hit the ground running.

Providing you with a slam dunk 90-day plan to help you nail your first 90 days.

Professional Woman

So that, in just a few months, you'll find yourself...

Getting up every day energized to go to work instead of having to psych yourself up.

Breaking into a smile whenever someone asks you what you do instead of changing the subject.

Actually enjoying your weekends and vacations instead of spending time off just recovering from work.

Feeling fulfilled in your present and excited for your future instead of stagnant, stuck, and purposeless. 

This is the life we all deserve.

So, if you're still with me, I'd love to introduce you to my VIP Career Coaching for Aspiring Project Managers program so you can stop feeling stuck and move towards a career you'll love

Career Coaching for 

Aspiring Project Managers

Empowering people from all walks of life to secure fulfilling careers in project management

Each self-paced module will teach you little-known secrets to...

Defining your project management niche

Learning key project management jargon and documents

Reframing your experience as project management experience

Dealing with imposter syndrome and other negative emotions

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Charisma and being a powerful project manager

Answering top interview questions

Negotiating a killer offer

Nailing your first 90 days

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Cohorts are limited to 9 at a time!

What you can expect from us

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Meet Your Coach, Kayla Quijas

I am an IACC-certified Career Coach and Senior Professional Resume Writer, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and a PMP-certified project manager with real-world project management experience. I have first-hand experience identifying the specific skills that are desirable in and transferable to a project management role.

Join me in my mission to make project management more accessible

How Career Coaching for Aspiring Project Managers helps you land your dream job

Week 1

Define your project management niche, figure out where you're stuck in your job search, and gain an understanding of where you need to focus your efforts.

Week 2

Go deep into overcoming fear, learn about common project management certifications, and demystify PM jargon.

Week 3

Delve deep into project management by exploring how to get more PM experience and understanding key project management documents. 

Week 4

Begin work on creating a stunning resume that gets your name bumped to the top of the pile.

Week 5

Learn how to tailor your resume to job descriptions and the keys to creating a killer cover letter.

Week 6

Create a LinkedIn profile that is a recruiter magnet and optimize your profile to bring leads directly to your inbox.

Week 7

Learn the ins and outs of networking and the key elements that make a project manager powerful.

Week 8

Unlock the secrets to adopting a charismatic persona and go deeper into networking.

Week 9

It's time to start applying! Learn how to stay organized and how to look for top-tier job penings.

Week 10

Go into detail on how to nail those tough interview questions.

Week 11

Go deeper into interview basics including topics to avoid and what recruiters hate to hear from candidates. Learn the art of negotiating a killer offer.

Week 12

Learn the best way to resign from your current position and begin work on a comprehensive 90-day plan to start you off right at your new job.

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